high quality 36g .12mm kanthal A1 resistance wire.Kanthal resistance wiregaugemmohm/m20g0.812.7822g0..
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Cotton bacon prime by wick 'n' vapePERFECT FOR SQUONKING, TANKS AND RDAS.33% faster absorption, Easi..
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8ft of high quality flattened ni80 wire, Pro-flat wire produces a clean flavorful vape with clouds t..
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do you prefer to make your own coils but don't have the time to make complex flavoursome wire, juice..
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Orders are always quick, perfectly spooled every time, never had a issue with anything from start to finish. Thank you very much
- Christopher Hughes
What can I say great service and they are Lil works of art if you want lovely coils but can't build them this is the place they are just as good as pics and I will be ordering mor
- Cain Sheldon