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The pro-spin v3 by juice junkie it the most versatile pro-spin yet, not only does it have tension ad..
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high quality 46g .04mm nichrome resistance wire.Nichrome resistance wiregaugemmohm/m20g0.812.1422g0...
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Enhance the flavour of your juice and produce major clouds with these pre made staggered fused clapt..
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high quality .3 x .1 nichrome 90 ribbon wire resistance wire.nichrome 90 ribbon resistance wire..
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What can I say great service and they are Lil works of art if you want lovely coils but can't build them this is the place they are just as good as pics and I will be ordering mor
- Cain Sheldon
Orders are always quick, perfectly spooled every time, never had a issue with anything from start to finish. Thank you very much
- Christopher Hughes